Donald Richie

Most likely to succeed in defining Japanese aesthetics is a net of associations composed of listings or jottings, connected intuitively, that fills in a background and renders the subject visible. —Donald Richie A Tractate on Japanese Aesthetics Advertisements

We’re all Kiwis now

Dear right wing politicians, commentators, and correspondents (“Economically Illiterate”, Robert Boffey, letter to the Melbourne Age 03/02/2015), Sorry we’re not sophisticated like the Kiwis. We’re not as smart or grown up as them or, especially, you. We fantasise about a just and equal society when we know it’s about great individuals standing above the herd. […]

Julie Bishop: the Melbourne AGE puff piece, 22 November 2014

The famous final shot in Robert Mamoulian’s Queen Christina (1933) continues to entrance film spectators: Greta Garbo gazes—resolutely? sadly? an ‘immortal, Mona Lisa look’ [Tim Dirks]?—from the prow of her ship as she sails into the future. What was Garbo thinking to produce this moment? According to most accounts, Mammoulian had said to her, more or less, ‘Think […]