Still in Kumamoto

Just sayin’ … I’m in Kumamoto.  It’s raining. The sakura are about to bloom. The world feels soft & melancholy & beautiful in that Donald Richie Japan way that I love. I continue to grapple with the idea that someone stuck a wire thru my veins & arteries not once but twice and because of […]

Kumamoto again

Miraculously, despite first plane being older than the Wright brothers (and sounding like it—an ongoing whirring from what I hoped was only the air conditioning that was actually louder thru the noise-cancelling ear phones because they cancelled out all the low frequency thrum), a chronically nauseous seat companion on the second plane, and the world’s […]

Another letter to the Age

Bruce Gibbens (Letters, Sunday Age, 12 March 2017) asks why high street businesses are subsidised by parking on public roads. Let’s go further: why are vehicle manufacturers and trucking companies subsidised by the alienation of public land for roads, freeways, and car parks? More efficient and less expensive, environmentally damaging, and space consuming transport options […]

Sydney Road Rant

Response to the final letter in the Melbourne Age today: Age Letters, 2 March 2017 Why not ban bikes on Sydney Road? Well, bikes don’t create anywhere near the levels of air- or sound pollution, direct and indirect health costs, loss of land and amenity, or other absurd wastage as cars. Why should public land […]

Jishin email 12:27 am 15 April 2016

Looks like I might be spending the night in the car park along with a few other people. Aftershocks coming thru unpredictably and disconcertingly strongly. About 4.5 I think. Initial quake was around 6.7, they’re now saying. Centred basically over Mt Kinpu. There was a tsunami warning, but later withdrawn. I was in posh eating […]

Kumamoto cobweb

This city can be known only by an activity of an ethnographic kind: you must orient yourself in it not by book, by address, but by walking, by sight, by habit, by experience; here every discovery is intense and fragile, it can be repeated or recovered only by memory of the trace it has left […]

Donald Richie

Most likely to succeed in defining Japanese aesthetics is a net of associations composed of listings or jottings, connected intuitively, that fills in a background and renders the subject visible. —Donald Richie A Tractate on Japanese Aesthetics