I’m back at the ranch after an unsuccessful attempt to ride Aso-san. Quite a bit of faffing about getting going and then getting on to the right road once I got about 20km from Kumamoto. I should never try to take shortcuts—especially when using only a rudimentary map! I ended up going up quite a […]

nothing to see here

Sign near Tadao Ando’s Lee Fuan Museum, Naoshima: The joke, tho I’m not sure it was intentional, is that 200 metres to the left of this sign, in the direction of No Work, there is work: a small, yellow, upturned boat with a companion upright black boat. I saw these and tho from a distance […]


I am on a small island in the Inland Sea. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Inland Sea. If you haven’t, you should. It is Sydney Harbour with civilisation. —I guess that’s a cheap shot.

I don’t ask much

@ Singapore airport Pleasantly claustrophobic flight with no sudden decompression, pilot malfeasance, alien abduction, or wasp activity in the pitot tubes. Changi full of Japanese high school students en route home. I’m looking forward to the next seven hours in an airless can. Meanwhile taking plane maintenance records and a flashlight on a quick tour […]